The first anti-collision system for VNA (very narrow aisles) forklifts, includes optimized installation and maintenance costs, which you can manage independently with different intervention modes* (stop, slowdown, alarm) and which also works out of aisle*, with Instant Detection Solid State LiDAR technology.

The extremely modular system allows customization.

*Subject to technical verification

Introducing Safe&StopVNA

In this webinar we present the new SIS Safe&StopVNA.

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Low Visibility

Drivers often can not see any obstacles in the trajectory of the trucks.

A safety control systems is required for either the company and the driver, who cannot rely solely on their perceptions.

Advantages with S&SVNA

With Safe&StopVNA an obstacle and/or person on the trajectory will be reported immediately.


Work safely, our technology will make you and your drivers feel better and safer.

Prevent production freezes, by reducing the risk of unwanted accidents.

Reliable procedures, with 2 extra technological eyes and not just those of the driver.


Advanced Technology

Solid State LiDAR laser technology with immediate data analysis. No delay in detecting obstacles or people who appear suddenly.

Dedicated support

Our technical designers are always ready to support you for installation and modification of the settings, without any waste of time.


Installable on most models on the market.

3 settings level*

Slow down and Stop, Slow down only, Beep only.

World Wide Shipping

We can reach and protect every kind of company anywhere in the world.

*Subject to technical verification


Active systems*

During the run of the vehicle, they permit to customize and change over time the operation of the product.

Passive systems (acoustic)

During the run of the vehicle, they allow to customize and change over time the operation of the product.

Radically Reduce Accidents and Risks

From damage caused by VNA trucks, because the visibility of the operator is extremely limited, especially when working at great heights.

Installation and Customization

Technical support for both assembly and modification of system functions.

Phone or Video Assistance

Continuous in the time of installation, provided instructions to use and possible customization of parameters.


Extremely modular system that makes customization possible without wasting time.


  1. Cabin Display
  2. Front Sensor
  3. Rear Sensor
  4. Lane Sensor (Left)
  5. Lane Sensor (Right)
  6. Cabin Sensor


1. Active system with Optionals*

Adaptive system able to recognize the environment in and out of the aisle. These machines are designed to work in narrow aisle, but in the event that they have to leave the aisle, the system automatically adapts to the new environment, changing the obstacle detection areas.

2. Active system*

Progressive slowing down of VNA truck as approaching to the obstacle. (with block if required Fig. 1)

3. Passive system

Acoustic signal.

*Subject to technical verification


Save time, because you do not have to disable and reactivate the system. In addition, you are also protected out of the aisle.


LiDAR Mechanical Sensors

Many LiDAR sensors have mechanical components that can cause reliability problems (component wear) and may have dead zones.

These systems work as a radar that scans the area progressively

Solid State LiDAR

SIS-Safety use Solid State technologies because they are the most reliable on the market, thanks to the fact that:


Vibration Resistance

Due to the work done with the VNA truck.

Low Light

Working with a laser system, the detection is accurate even in case of variations in brightness or poor light.

Extreme Temperatures

It operates with a wide temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.


Reliable in adverse conditions: vibration, shock, temperature, etc.


32 detection segments with no shadows zone.

No Moving Parts

This ensures sturdiness, minimal maintenance and a long life cycle.

Accurate Detection

Complete detection of the work area with simultaneous identification of multiple objects positioned in different angles.

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)

It describes the average time between failures, which is the expected average time between the start of a failure and the start of the next failure. Unfortunately, there is no system that is totally free from MTBF.

Very important, especially for security systems: the M16-LSR sensor has a MTBF of 414,000 hours, compared to the industry average which is 65,000 hours.

Leddar M16-LSR

32 detection segments without shadow areas.



Adaptive system that recognizes the environment in and out of the aisle.

Once you choose the operating mode (Active with Optionals, Active, Passive) you will immediately notice the simplicity and effectiveness of S&SVNA.


Extremely fast and accurate in identifying obstacles (Objects or People) on the trajectory of movement.


A system as sophisticated as it is simple to use. In a few maneuvers you will get used to our system and you can no longer do without it.

*Subject to technical verification



The device fits most of the VNA trucks models on the market.*

*Subject to technical verification


Request a Test Drive of the Safe&StopVNA Anti-Collision System

Secure your VNA warehouse by requesting the Safe&StopVNA test drive, the first anti-collision system specifically and fully developed for VNA (very narrow aisles) Trucks.

With optimized installation and maintenance costs, you can manage the setup independently with different intervention modes* (stop, slow down, alarm).

It also works out of aisle*.

Safe&StopVNA EN

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Does the collision avoidance system work outside the aisle?

Yes, the S&SVNA system adapts to the external environment, also operating off-aisle and protecting driver and pedestrians.

Can you set it yourself?

Yes, the Dealer can customize the settings himself. The end user must contact the Dealer to modify them.

Can I update the Firmware?

Firmware update is not required.

Does it need regular maintenance?

It is good practice to carry out a cycle of periodic checks.

On which VNA trucks is it compatible?

The system is designed for maximum flexibility, so it can be adapted to most vehicles on the market.

What does he do if there’s an obstacle?

In case of an obstacle (person, object or other VNA truck) the system, according to preset settings, can acoustically signal it, slow down the truck and get to the truck block near the obstacle.


The device can be integrated to other safety devices such as: