SafeViewAI: the new vision system with artificial intelligence SIS branded

SafeViewAI is an artificial intelligence-powered vision system that is both active and passive, allowing forklift drivers to view blind spots or areas with visibility issues on an in-cabin HD monitor.

In industrial and logistical activities, warehouses play a crucial role in the movement and management of goods.

Within these often crowded spaces, where work is often carried out at a frantic pace situations, sometimes arise that jeopardise the safety of the operators. One of the main risk factors is the limited visibility of forklift operators.

Heavy vehicles used for lifting and transporting loads operate in environmental conditions where the driver’s field of vision is compromised by the presence of obstacles.

In this article, we will explore the dangers associated with such conditions, providing solutions to mitigate risks and ensure a safer working environment.

Risks Associated with Poor Visibility

  1. Collisions with other vehicles: can cause material damage, severe injuries or even fatal accidents.
  2. Pedestrian accidents: one of the main safety concerns in warehouses, primarily due to the driver’s lack of visibility or, conversely, the pedestrian’s distraction, who suddenly appears in front of the forklift.
  3. Load falls: poor visibility can make it difficult for forklift operators to precisely handle loads, increasing the risk of collisions and the subsequent ground slippage of goods.
  4. Goods damage: collisions and accidents during handling can also be a cause of damage to the loads, leading to financial losses for the company.
  5. Structural accidents: limited visibility can also result in forklifts damaging the structures. Collisions with shelves, walls or load-bearing columns in the warehouse can lead to both financial losses and danger for those passing nearby.
  6. Operator stress and fatigue: forklift operators often have to strain to see better or adopt uncomfortable positions to improve visibility, which can lead to physical and mental stress.

To deal with these risks it is essential for companies to implement appropriate safety measures.

SafeViewAI, the new SIS vision system, is designed to promote a safety culture that involves all workers. In fact, we believe that safety systems become truly beneficial when they help make people more aware of risks and the best practices to prevent them.

How does SafeViewAI work?

SafeViewAI applies deep learning technology to detect and recognize people and/or forklifts and vehicles around the host machine.

Compared to traditional vision systems, this technology is able to learn and refine obstacle recognition, a continuous evolution that makes SafeViewAI a product with improving performance.

Cameras can be installed both at the rear and at the front and sides of the vehicle, allowing a signalling and coverage of all 4 sides of the vehicle.

The system can be set in both passive mode, which allows the display of areas covered by the camera and emits a progressively louder sound in case people or vehicles are detected in the path, and active mode, which adds the function of gradually slowing down the vehicle until a possible stop (subject to technical verification).

SafeViewAI features a modular architecture: thanks to the ability to use up to 4 cameras and the multiple simultaneous viewing functions provided by the monitor, it adapts to a wide range of application needs.

With the active operating option you can set up 3 detection zones, configurable in terms of shape, distance, and/or vehicle intervention logic.

Last but not least, SafeViewAI is able to detects signs placed in the work environment. When it detects placed signals in high risk zones, the forklift slowdown and/or stop functions are activated (if SafeViewAI is configured in active mode).


  • Camera: combines compact size and industrial grade resistance to weathering and application. The wide viewing angle and the high degree of resolution place it at the top of the market solutions.
  • Monitor: thanks to its resolution, brightness, contrast and viewing angle features, offers a high level visual experience. The metal body construction and the high IP grade maximise the reliability in all conditions.
  • Harness Kit: includes all harnesses, also modular and concatenable. The construction with moulded waterproof circular connectors ensures maximum simplicity of installation and long-term reliability over time, even in difficult conditions.

Other uses and vehicles

SafeViewAI is born for forklifts but can also be installed on: Dumpers, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Telescopic Handlers and others similar.

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