SIS Safety presents a new structure bringing new skills to the team

A reforged, strengthened team and an innovative strategic plan both aimed at increasing the expanding objectives.

The turnover of SIS Safety, a Valtellina-based company that specialised in the export of anti-collision systems for forklifts all over the world, is growing.

Following the opening of the new headquarters via Industria 7 in Morbegno (Sondrio), many innovations and objectives are on their way for the upcoming three years. A completely refurbished environment, paves the way to research and assembly, establishing the perfect space to stimulate the team’s creativity while promoting cooperation among colleagues.

“We are happy to introduce the new corporate structure and to have named Nicola Bottà as the new Chief Operation Officer,” states Luca Pagni, CEO of Cy.Pag. S.p.A., SIS Safety division-owning company.

“Nicola has been a lead researcher in our company throughout the recent years, discovering and expanding our technology when it comes to sensors. Moreover, he has been a leader and thanks to his expertise in new skills and innovations were implemented in the forklift safety industry” remarks Pagni. “Thanks to his determination, I am convinced that he will be able to contribute, as he has been doing in these years,  to the full achievement of our ambitious goals and values, commonly shared by either our whole team and customers.

Therefore, a new stage of growth and stabilisation has just begun for the whole department, and those ever clear goals are now unfolding, following that initially long-dreamt path which has always been at the core of Cy.Pag S.p.A.

“The main purpose of the new facility is to enhance the project for which SIS has been working over the last years,” claims Nicola Bottà, “which combines consistent research development, the frequent launching of new products and a highly-appreciated and empathetic customer service. This was confirmed by the expansion of collaborations and shared projects, according to a broader vision of growth that we aim to maintain and expand”.

“Safety issues in the workplace have always been a key aspect in all our initiatives whereas its solution has become a fundamental core value” unfolds Bottà. “The relevance and the essence of quality are crucial to our company: quality of work, quality of research, quality and respect for life”.

In the last few months, SIS has launched the Safe&StopVNA on the market: an anti-collision system for trilateral trucks used in high-intensity warehouses with very narrow aisles. Currently, SIS is set to develop a new anti-collision system, version 4.0, which complies with the latest Italian regulations on incentives for the digital transition.

One of the hottest appointments on our the agenda for the next few months is also another valuable anti-collision system, the Safe&AlertLite; it is a small and compact product of the SIS range that meets the stringent needs for prompt delivery and those large volumes demanded on the market following the expansion of e-commerce.

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