Blind Spots: no more indoor and outdoor blind spots with SafeTraffic

Environmental blind spots represent a critical safety point for industrial environments, both in indoor warehouses and outdoor constructions.

The specific architectures of certain areas as structural layout, position of passages and shelving, entrances and corridors, often create areas where traffic visibility is very limited, leading to the possibility of accidents causing damage to equipment, structures and above all people.

In the warehouse or at external intersections of company’s facilities, danger can literally be just around every corner.

Blind spots are among the most hazardous areas of the warehouse, where collisions between forklifts, other small vehicles and pedestrians are likely to occur. These collisions cause many workplace injuries or damage to equipment. Securing the warehouse against these potential risks is crucial.

In warehouse blind spots, where the driver’s field of view is not enough to ensure safety, the most common solution is the installation of convex mirrors. However, these systems do not always provide a clear view and they lack alarm systems to warn pedestrians of oncoming vehicles.

SIS Safety Improvement Systems has redesigned and internalized the production of SafeTraffic, the monitoring system for internal workspaces and external blind spots. Through a microwave sensor installed next to an intersection or crossing detects any moving vehicle and warns employees as well as other forklift trucks drivers crossing the area by means of acoustic and visual signals.


SafeTraffic environmental system


In its minimal configuration, SafeTraffic consists of a sensor placed near the area to be monitored, an acoustic-light alert unit and a main control unit mounted on the wall.

No elements are installed or placed on the vehicle or vehicles that have or might have access to the area.

Central control unit is preset with multiple inputs and outputs, to be integrated with a maximum of 4 sensors: this means that the device can be managed modularly and can be adapted to any layout of the working area by positioning more sensors and alarms. The system can also be expanded later.

When, at an intersection, SafeTraffic’s microwave sensor detects the approach of a vehicle, the central control unit activates visual and acoustic alarms to warn operators around of the potential risk.

The installation of SafeTraffic is simple. SIS provides all the necessary technical support and, with the help of your electrician, adjusting the detection fields and installing sensors and alarms will be quick and easy.


System composition


The system, in its maximum configuration, consists of:

  • 1 Control Unit
  • 4 Sensors
  • 4 Alert Units

The control unit can manage up to 4 sensors. The system is expandable and can be configured with just 1 sensor and later expanded to 4 sensors.

The outputs of the control unit are configurable according to the customer’s needs.

Make your work environment safer. Learn more about SafeTraffic on website page by clicking here.

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